Lead USA Global Group, LLC was established as a distributor of dried dairy products. We work closely with a long list of trusted suppliers and manufacturers across the United States, focusing on the industrial and institutional food industry. We are the sole agents of exportation for some of the leading US dairy factories. Along with our sales and marketing team, located in both Beijing and Guangzhou, we export over $40 million in inventory sales a year.

Lead USA Global Group, LLC supplies dairy ingredients to a wide variety of the food and animal feed industries: ice cream manufacturers, cheese processors, bakeries, spice blenders, beverage and chocolate makers, veal and swine feed manufacturers, and calf milk replacer companies. Our customers are across the United States and South East Asia, such as China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea etc. The primary products Lead USA Global Group exports are instant whey protein concentrate, different levels of milk protein concentrates, nonfat dry milk, whole milk powder, whey powder, lactose, whey permeate, butter, and more.
With over 20 years of combined industry experience of dairy, Nutritional and animal feed ingredient, we can assist you for your exporting necessities.
Our goal is to become the supplier of choice in the dairy market by using our years of experience in the market and long commitments with customers.